FDA Committee Recommends Approval of New Gout Treatment


uric acid crystalsAlthough the first written descriptions of gout date back over 4000 years, it wasn’t until the mid nineteenth century that excess uric acid in the blood leading to needle-like urate deposits in joint spaces was recognised to be the cause of this painful condition. Nowadays, gout is the most common cause of inflammatory joint disease in older men, most commonly affecting men between the ages of 30 and 60. Uric acid is the end product of purine metabolism and most current treatments for gout inhibit xanthine oxidase, the enzyme responsible for oxidising xanthine to uric acid. On June 16th, Savient Pharmaceuticals announced that an FDA advisory committee had recommended that Krystexxa™ (pegloticase), a PEGylated form of recombinant porcine uricase, be granted marketing approval by the FDA for the treatment of chronic refractory gout.

purine catabolic pathwayAlthough uricase (urate oxidase) is present in many species, the gene is non-functional in humans so that uric acid is the endpoint of purine catabolism. Most other non-primates are able to convert uric acid to the more soluble allantoin, which is more easily excreted by the kidneys. A recombinant uricase, Elitek® (rasburicase) is already used to treat some patients undergoing cancer chemotherapy where tumour lysis is expected to lead to elevated levels of plasma uric acid.

4 thoughts on “FDA Committee Recommends Approval of New Gout Treatment”

  1. Try a supplement called sulfraphane. Vitallica is a brand name.
    Sulforaaphane comes from brocolli extract. It is what the body produces natually when you eat broccoli.
    It works, period!

  2. I have been battling gout since I turned 50 (I am now 72). Ever since that first gout crisis I decided to give up red meat completely, which was not a great sacrifice in any case. I concentrated on chicken, fish and turkey, but I have learned that even these healthier foods may cause a recurrence of gout. Still, I found out that I may take my allopurinol occasionally as I “listen” to my body’s instructions. My uric acid levels are at about 6.2 (maximum 8.0) so I feel confident that I beat the system. But not everybody can give up red meat so I strongly recommend two strategies: keep your weight as low as possible and never miss your daily dose of medication.

  3. Gout without a doubt is an unpleasant problem, my own grandfather has been battling with it for many months already. It is absolutely nerve-wracking for me, seeing a beloved family member and friend experience tremendous pain so often. Sticking with a proper eating plan for prophylaxis and making use of effective treatment options is in my opinion essential. I would personally encourage anybody who is already noticing early indications of gout or podagra to by any means be alarmed. Better seek advice from a doctor as soon as possible and fine-tune your food intake to prevent the outbreak of the condition. It is definitely no fun! Try to look for healthy options for treatment and keep clear of food with a high amount of purine in it, alcohol based drinks etc to take prophylactic measure.

  4. Gout arthritis definitely must be considered a horrifying illness, my uncle is battling with the issue for some months now. It is unpleasant, witnessing a much loved member of the family and friend experience a sudden attack over and over again. Sticking with a correct diet regime for prophylaxis and making use of the most effective medications and treatments is something I consider critical. I would advise anyone who already notices early warning signs of gout arthritis to by all means take this serious. Better consult a health care professional as soon as you can and adjust your diet program to prevent the outbreak of the illness. It is definitely no fun! Look for working treatments and stay clear of high purine meals, alcohol and the like for prophylaxis.

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