Our Consultants

Sally Redshaw

Sally is a medicinal chemist with a wealth of experience in drug discovery and development gained in two major companies, Roche and GSK. She has a proven track record of success and has designed two marketed drugs and won several research prizes. She is an author of more than 35 publications and an inventor on more than 20 patents.

Invented Marketed Drugs

    saquinavir (HIV protease inhibitor)
    cilazapril (angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor)

Research Prizes

    SMR Award for Drug Discovery (saquinavir)
    UK Prix Galien (saquinavir)
    Roche Research Prize (saquinavir)
    Roche Research Prize (cilazapril)

Sally has excellent matrix working and project leadership skills. She is strongly focussed on science and able to provide innovative solutions to drive programmes forward and quickly reach key decision points. She has extensive experience of working in both hit to lead and lead optimisation programmes, delivering high quality leads and candidates. Sally has broad experience of hit identification, lead generation and lead optimisation across different target classes (metallo, serine, and aspartyl proteases as well as ion channel and GPCR targets). She has successfully followed up on the output of high throughput screens and used structure-based design to prosecute targets as appropriate. Her work has been largely focussed in the cardiovascular, antiviral and neurology therapeutic areas.

Sally is experienced at working with patent attorneys to prepare patent applications as well as writing internal reports and publications for peer review. She is an effective communicator, both written and verbally, including presentations at international meetings. She has experience of recruitment, supervision, training and development of graduate staff and PhDs.

Bill Harris

Bill is a medicinal chemist with experience in all phases of drug discovery gained in large corporate (Roche) and biotech (De Novo Pharmaceuticals) environments. In project leadership and departmental management roles he has successfully led multi-disciplinary groups engaged in lead generation through to clinical candidate selection.

Bill’s career in biotech has provided a keen insight into the particular pressures that small companies face. He has worked with a number of contract chemistry companies as well as establishing an internal chemistry team. In parallel with proprietary discovery work he has been heavily involved in client projects, from feasibility assessments to management of the collaborations.

Bill’s scientific experience has a strong emphasis on rational drug design, utilising ligand- and structure-based methodology. He has worked on numerous target classes, particularly kinases, proteases and GPCRs. Through execution of discovery projects against these targets he has acquired broad disease area knowledge, with emphasis on inflammation/immunology, virology and oncology.