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Established in 2004, based in Cambridge (UK), CompChem Solutions has grown year on year, providing quality computational chemistry expertise on a flexible basis. They have worked successfully with over thirty organisations including charities, academic groups and drug discovery organisations and can operate both as virtual members of a client’s project team delivering a reliable and responsive service in the same way as an employee, or they can work remotely on specific, individual tasks, delivering results securely to their clients. Whilst their experience spans a wide range of therapeutic areas, they have particular expertise with oncology targets.

CompChem Solutions can help with applications for drug discovery grants, acting as a partner to provide computational chemistry to complement laboratory expertise. They have been involved in successful EU and WT grant applications involving millions of pounds/Euros.

Colin Dingwall BSc. PhD.

Colin is currently Professor of Biochemistry at Kings College, London in the Pharmaceutical Science Division. He has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry where he was biology leader of key drug discovery programmes in Alzheimer’s disease and was involved in in-licensing activities and establishing valuable academic collaborations in the general area of neurodegeneration.

He graduated with first class honours in Biochemistry from Newcastle University and subsequently moved to the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge. His most significant research achievements during his time in Cambridge were in cell biology in the area of nuclear protein transport. He discovered that nuclear protein transport is a signal-mediated, two-step process and identified the bipartite nuclear localisation signal (NLS) which is the major NLS in cellular proteins. He was a visiting scientist at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Heidelberg for two years and was a faculty member in the Pharmacology Department, State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA. At King’s College he is continuing his research into the role of the amyloidogenic pathway in Alzheimer’s disease.

RML Pharma Consulting

RMLPharma LogoRMLPharmaConsulting Limited provides up-to-date CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls) consulting services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Specialising in the fit-for-purpose development of early phase assets, from pre-candidate selection right through to Phase 2 and proof of concept, RMLPharmaConsulting can provide a tailored development approach in the following key areas:

  • Outsourced API Manufacture (cGMP & non cGMP, including intermediates, analytical markers, PET precursors)
  • Analytical Chemistry (method development, validation, API release)
  • Project Management (manage all activities of the outsourced project at the contractor, interface with the internal project teams)
  • Route Selection and Development (process development/optimisation, new route work)
  • Physicochemical Studies (Salts and polymorphs, crystallisation development)
  • Risk Managment (risks identified and mitigation strategies implemented)
  • Regulatory Submissions (CMC sections compiled and reviewed)
  • Due Diligence

For more information on RMLPharmaConsulting, please visit the RMLPharma website.