Open Access Drug Target Database Launched

Image: Flickr – psyberartist

SciClips has launched an online database of drug targets, based on information collected from US and International patent applications. Currently the database contains around 4000 targets linked to their respective diseases and the data are updated on a weekly basis. As well as the association of the biological targets with diseases, the database is also organised according to type of drug (such as antibodies, proteins, siRNA, miRNA or small molecules).

All targets are linked to PubMed, Google Scholar, GeneBank, UniProt, the USPTO database, WO(PCT) database and Google Patents, allowing the user to access additional information, and searches can be conducted on the biological target, drug type or disease.

Whilst the web interface seems a little idiosyncratic, feedback from users will allow SciClips to refine it.

According to the SciClips website:

“SciClips is a web-based scientific platform for open innovation as well as for sharing information and ideas related to various scientific areas. Currently we are offering services and inviting ideas in several areas involving stem cells, proteomics, biomarkers, metabolomics and drug discovery tools. …. We believe that by offering scientific services to cutting edge research areas, we will be able to attract scientists (from) all over the world to think collectively, share ideas and achieve scientific breakthroughs. We will add services in other scientific areas in (the) coming months.”

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