Medpedia Adds Video


Last week Medpedia announced the addition of video to its collaborative online medical encyclopaedia. The platform launched with hundreds of medical and health videos from sources including the CDC, the FDA, other institutes of the NIH, as well as from Big Think and other organizations. The videos cover topics ranging from diabetes and H1N1 education, to medical procedures and health care reform.

Like the Clinical Trials system on Medpedia, medical videos are delivered in the appropriate context online. A video can show up in a Medpedia article covering the same topic, it can appear in a personalized feed of someone interested in that disease, or in a patient community related to that condition.

Big Think and other organizations are making hundreds of videos available with more to come. Big Think is an online venue for the growing global conversation about where we are and where we’re headed. Taking cues from elite private institutions and conferences that convene thought leaders from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives to share ideas about pressing global issues, Big Think adapts these models to the web medium to provide public access to expert thinking and the opportunity to engage in dialogue around it. President and co-Founder of Big Think, Peter Hopkins, said:

“Big Think is delighted to share this collection of expert insights and analysis with the Medpedia community. We trust that the addition of this video content will be useful in supporting and enhancing the valuable collaborative efforts being put forth by the medical community.”

As an example, the video below is taken from the Medpedia entry on ‘Hallucination’ and features Oliver Sacks, Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University.

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